Harinera de Tardienta is a trusted international milling leader with 60 years of history, experience and know-how. We are specialized in wheat flours for boulangerie, patisserie, viennoiserie (bio and conventional, spelt wheats), premixes based on client's recipes, barley/oat/rye flours and durum semolina.

In addition to the quality and know-how of our recipes and products, Harinera de Tardienta propose the implementation of processes and quality monitoring through a team of Master bakers and technicians. Meeting our customers and participating in their development through our technicians enables Harinera de Tardienta to provide its customers and partners with real added value.

Our vast experience in international markets allows us to adapt appropriately to the requirements of every country and the needs of every client, being able to afford product and service at the same time. For further information, please contact us.



Avda. Mariano Gavín, 16
22240 Tardienta (Huesca). SPAIN. EU.

Tel.: +34 974 25 35 35 • Fax: +34 974 25 34 00

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